Tips for washing your swimwear

To take care of your swimwear, Docor advises you to rinse with fresh water after each use, this precaution allows you to remove all salt and chlorine residues that tend to dim the beautiful colors of your swimsuits.

Your bikinis and/or swimsuits will last much longer if you wash them by hand with cold water and a neutral soap, without rubbing. In this way you can wash your swimwear and remove saltpeter, chlorine or traces of sunscreen that accumulate on the fabrics.

The washing machine is prohibited, the effect of the drum is too violent for lycra fabrics (used for the manufacture of swimsuits and bikinis), which could swell and lose control.

If you have only used your swimsuit or bikini to take a bath, you will only need to rinse it with fresh water.

How to dry your swimwear

You cannot lose sight of these recommendations since it will depend on them that the fabrics of your swimwear are not damaged or that the color is worn:

Never dry clothes in the sun. To preserve the colors of your swimsuits as much as possible, do not dry them in direct sunlight, UV rays lighten the colors after long exposures. Try to hang them in the shade. The sun is one of the great enemies of this type of clothing as it lightens and weakens the colors.

Avoid the dryer yes or yes. In this way, you will keep the elastic fibers of the garment in good condition. Choose a place outdoors, on a smooth surface and in the shade to dry your swimwear.

Lay it flat if possible without using clothespins to avoid creases and creases.

Never iron your swimwear. And now, you can put them on again and look perfect!

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